Tansee iPhone Message Transfer for Windows مراجعات المستخدم

اطبع الرسائل تمامًا كما تظهر على جهاز iPhone وiPad وiPod Touch. ويتضمن ذلك الحفاظ على التنسيق الأصلي، مثل فقاعات الرسائل والطوابع الزمنية وملفات الوسائط المرفقة.
انسخ iPhone وiPad وiPod المس جهات الاتصال وصور ملفاتهم الشخصية.

I've been using Tansee iPhone Message Transfer for a while now, and it continues to impress me with its performance and versatility. Not only does it allow me to transfer messages to my computer, but it also provides options to print them out directly. This is extremely useful when I need hard copies of conversations for legal or personal purposes. Tansee iPhone Message Transfer is a comprehensive solution that caters to all message management needs.

- J**** C********

The best software for transferring iPhone messages to Windows computer. It's easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It took me half an hour to transfer my entire iPhone messages to my PC. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to transfer their iPhone messages to their PC.

- J**** J******

License code reset.

My computer crashed, but the license code has been reset for me, allowing me to reuse it on my new computer. Thank you.

- M***** W***

It has been a lifesaver for me.

I accidentally deleted some important text messages from my iPhone, but thanks to this software, I was able to recover them from iTunes backup. Tansee iPhone Message Transfer is a reliable tool that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to recover lost messages.

- S**** R*****

Fit my needs.

Its compatibility with both iPhone and iPad makes it incredibly versatile. Tansee fits my needs. It supports multiple message apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Additionally, it offers the ability to export messages in various formats, such as PDF or txt.

- M*** H***

A game-changer for me.

As a journalist, I often need to reference past conversations stored on my iPhone. Tansee iPhone Message Transfer has been a game-changer for me. It allows me to export and save my messages in various formats, making it easy to search and retrieve information when needed.

- B**** L*****

The customer support team is incredibly helpful.

Tansee iPhone Message Transfer is hands-down the best message transfer tool I've ever used. It's intuitive, efficient, and the customer support team is incredibly helpful. If you're looking for a way to back up your iPhone messages, this is the way to do it.

- K**** K******

Save as PDFs.

I've had bad experiences in the past with other message transfer tools, but Tansee iPhone Message Transfer worked flawlessly. I was able to easily export all of my messages and even save them as PDFs. Great product!

- K***** L**

Tansee copy all my emojis. I'm so glad!

The software's speed and reliability ensure a smooth transfer process, preserving message attachments and even emojis. If you value your iPhone messages and want a reliable backup solution, look no further than Tansee iPhone Message Transfer.

- T****** G****

Highly recommended.

I am quite pleased with Tansee iPhone Message Transfer. It works well and delivers exactly what it promises. I have tried many other software, but this one was the best and easiest to use. Highly recommended.

- W****** H*******

The interface is user-friendly.

The interface is user-friendly and the process is straightforward. I love the fact that I can transfer my messages to my computer without any hiccups. The print feature is also a fantastic addition. The customer service is top-notch, they were very helpful when I had a query.

- S***** B******

The process is quite simple.

Tansee iPhone Message Transfer is a decent software for transferring messages from iPhone devices to a computer. The process is quite simple and it supports the transfer of texts, images, and videos which is great. And, they have more detailed instructions for first-time users.

- A**** P****

WeChat supported!

I've been searching for a reliable solution to backup my WeChat messages for ages, and I'm so relieved to have finally found one! Thank you! I can finally say goodbye to the fear of losing my WeChat messages. It has saved me from the stress of losing important conversations and memories. Highly recommended!

- W***** W***